Channels, Corey Shields vs Brad Paisley

As Corey Shields, a local singer songwriter from Parkersburg , WV grows into a household name he could take some cues from Brad Paisley. Mr. Paisley is also a WV native who now lives in Tennessee and is known worldwide. Both gentlemen have a passion for playing the guitar and songwriting.

One area that sets these two men apart is their social presence. The intensity of the platforms or channels that they use to engage us and promote themselves is very different.

I have counted at least 8 avenues available to either Corey or Brad. They included but are not limited to: a personal brand website, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Myspace, itunes, Instagram and email. I would like to take a closer look at 3 of these channels and how both musicians utilize them.

First let’s explore YouTube. Corey’s YT channel houses many of his previously posted videos, which you have to tap on to start. It makes a nice presence. His videos are somewhat one dimensional, and would benefit from diverse camera angle and editing.

Jour117 Corey

Brad’s YT channel automatically plays a music video when it opens. It is also laid out in a user friendly way, that allows you to select from several exciting videos to watch. Brad’s channel is much more engaging and easier to be a part of.

Jour117 brad

Next, let’s look at their personal brand websites. It has been suggested that Corey develop a small website to be used as all things CSM (Corey Shields Music) . This site would house everything from blog posts to an event calendar, pictures and LINKS to all posted videos, his musical history, merchandise and a payment method.

BP on the other hand currently has a wonderfully interactive website that includes all of the above mentioned options and more. It even opens with changing scenes. This site houses all things Brad Paisley, which makes for easy interaction, link access and an “overall feel good place to be”

jour117 brad2

Facebook is the third and final area we will investigate. Both men have a professional facebook page. Corey has a little over 300 followers and occasionally interact  with them. The biggest noticeable difference I see in content is that Corey sometimes includes family in some of his posts. I like that. Corey talks about his wife and shares the occasional picture of his son with us.  This post from November is fabulous!corey & son

Brad on the other hand has 7,318,900 followers and am a quess’en a professional staff that help him with this. Brad’s posts includes: concert info, national events, videos, charitable connections, announcements of sales for his product line, shared News posts and even promotes other artists. He does not appear to respond to comments made by others on his FB page.

While BP has many more followers keep in mind, he has been at this a lot longer and has a little help maintaining his social presence. I am sure, If Corey had the same resources that brad has his social presence would ski-rocket!

It boils down to this, Corey is a young local artist with a family and a full time job trying to find his way in the music entertainment world. He is making great strides and a solid name for himself.  Corey could look to Brad Paisley for inspiration and guidance in how to increase his own social media presence and video presentations. I am looking forward to seeing more great endeavors from Corey Shields in the coming year!


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2 Week Social Media Calendar for CSM

Jour 117 2 week media schedule 2

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Objectives, Strategies & Tactics for CSM

Social Media Objectives, Strategies $ Tactics 

Objective 1 & 2:  Increase Corey Shields Music Facebook and Youtube likes in rising increments (of 75 with 10-25% likes) each quarter over the next 12 months.

  • A.  Use the #hashtag #CoreySheildsMusic on all his web & media sites.
  • B.  Obtain new signage and banners. Display these when he is performing. Include Logo, all Website info &                   SM addresses.
  • C.  Create all new videos for CSM. Incorporate multiple camera angles and close ups, as in his “Magnolias Bloom”    video (or with even more cuts), posted on YouTube September 11, 2015.
  • D.  Review some of his older videos.  Make 3 Mash-Up videos that incorporate some new footage as well as old.      These can then be used to promote events or seasonal changes as post on Facebook and YouTube. The first mash-up videos should be ready for publication in the next 15 days, ( with a theme of, a look back on summer).    The next to follow with a fall theme (publish date October 20th 2015) and the third centered around snow / Christmas and published by December 20, 2015. The Seasonal Mash-ups are used to increase his awareness by 30%.
  • E.  Every Monday and Thursday engage and reply to some of the comments on facebook and other media sights. respond once or twice to an individual comment, doing this for a few comments over a small period of time each of these days.
  • F.  Cross pollinate info about CSM on all targeted SM avenues.

Objective 3:  Develop one place that houses everything CSM so fans can easily find all SM options and videos available for Corey by November 1, 2015.

  • A.  Launch a small well developed website for CSM.
  • B.  This site will house everything from blog posts to an event calendar, pictures and LINKS to all posted videos.
  • C.  Merchandise (CDs, t-shirts, calendars, etc) and a payment method will be made available here to Corey’s fans.
  • D.  This Website will also include topics that are important to Corey, like the Reach out & Read Campaign.
  • E.  Incorporate live feeds of interview with Corey & Austin WPKM and other live event videos.
  • F.  Once a week we will blog about how other musicians have grown and developed their talents or include “how to” videos on certain guitar chords. This is to encourage and help other musicians.

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Building Buzz Feed for Corey Shields Music

“Buzz” is a powerful ingredient in any business’ social presence. Anytime positive buzz is created it increases the awareness of your brand. To help build buzz for Corey Shields, a local singer-songwriter in Parkersburg, WV. We are hosting a video filming session on the campus of Marietta College.

To begin, we will announce the upcoming event on Facebook, his website ( and be tweeting about the time and place. We encourage everyone to share the event with all of their friends and reply that they will attend. Anyone who shows up during the filming can be in the video as a group of followers. WE will have a limited number of CSM single song CDs and t-shirts to give away to those that are present.

Part of the pre-buzz will be asking for Instagram pics of Corey at the event to be posted during filming, using the #whatmakesCoreyShieldsgreat. We will also take the top 3 best photos submitted and add those to and his facebook page. The finished video will be posted on Youtube, FB and his website as well as his other music outlets.

We gladly give thanks to his fans and all who helped / participated.

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Corey Shields Music, Video Script

 Target Market Video Script

Corey Shield of Corey Shields Music is a young folk musician based out of Parkersburg, WV. His target market is primary women 18-40 years old, but is not limited to this group. His demographic group consist of those with varying levels of education and income. It appears that only part of this group is active with social media, following and liking posts. Corey has a strong social media presences with facebook, Pandora, Youtube, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Here is the script for our first video to be on the CSM website and posted on all other outlets.

This exciting video will draw attention to Corey and his music. It is upbeat and engaging with a reference to Corey’s website.

CSM-Video Script

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Corey Shield Music, Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan, Part 1

corey best

photo by Liv Hefner photography

Opportunity Pitch

Corey Shields of Corey Shields Music is a local musician based in Parkersburg, WV. He often performs with an acoustic guitar. Corey plays works by Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and Don Henley as well as his own original compositions.

As a young singer-songwriter Corey loves sharing his music with fellow enthusiast on his Youtube channel “Corey Shields”. You can view and like any number of his videos there. Other places to catch Corey include Facebook, Pandora, itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Social Media Assessment

Corey has a very good social media presence. His alternative, folk and pop music style makes for easy listening. He got his start in music about 13 years ago and says it is a “passionate hobby”. Corey’s base following include mostly females 18-40 years old, but is not limited to this group. Although there are several ways to listen and watch Corey perform, his likes and followers could be increased greatly. One thing that is missing from his on line presence is a #hashtag.

On Corey’s Youtube channel his older videos show views from 6,315 to 1,414 with likes ranging from 10-20%. In his older videos (2-3 years ago) Corey played an electric guitar while accompanying a sound track and not singing. In his newer videos (the last 8 months) Corey plays his acoustic guitar and sings classic folk songs as well as his own original songs. His views on these videos range from 556 to 22, And the likes range from 4-0.

On facebook Corey Shields Music has 294 followers. He shares videos, upcoming events, photos and stories. It has very good content and is engaging. On Pandora you can listen to and buy his album “The Saturday Sessions” He also has it available on itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Corey is growing his social media presence very well and has even incorporated his own branding. There are only a couple of areas, with some tweaking, that I think could help push Corey’s numbers higher and make his videos more engaging.
corey 5corey 6 corey 3corey 1

Social Media Objectives

Objective 1:  Increase Corey Shields Music Facebook and Youtube likes in rising increments (of 75 with 10-25% likes) each quarter over the next 12 months. This also includes giving him a #hashtag that can be use universally on any media sights.

Objective 2: Create all new videos for CSM using multiple camera angles and close ups, as in his “Magnolias Bloom” video posted on YouTube September 11, 2015. Review some of his older videos to make 3 Mash-Up videos that incorporate some new footage as well.  These can then be used to promote events or seasonal changes as post on Facebook and YouTube. The first mash-up videos should be ready for publication in the next 15 days, ( with a theme of, a look back on summer). The next to follow with a fall theme (publish date October 20th 2015) and the third centered around snow / Christmas and published by December 20, 2015. The Seasonal Mash-ups are used to increase his awareness by 30%.

Objective 3: Develop a small website to be used as all things CSM. This sight would house everything from blog posts to an event calendar, pictures and LINKS to all posted videos , Merchandise and a payment method. This could be eliminated if  there is a possibility of using his current Facebook page as a Website. If he is able to add products for sale and a payment method there. These options need to be examined and verified by mid November of this year.

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Then to Now and Anonymous

Wikipedia, the internet’s encylopedia, has 37 pages of information on the “History of the Internet”.

They actually attribute the telegraph to being the first fully digital communication system. “The concept of Data Communication – transmitting data between two different places, connected via some kind of electromagnetic medium, such as radio or electronic wire…” “These communication systems where typically limited to point to point communications between two end devices.”

Through several decades, we have seen the development of communications between central processing units and remote terminals. Then the ability to communicate over longer distances came into play. Files could be shared from a main frame computer to other computers on the same system.

All this technology was “deemed as inherently UNSAFE for strategic and military use, because there were no alternative paths for the communications in case of an enemy attack”.  But our military still needed to communicate and access data safely. So engineers and mathematicians continued to make great strides with packet-switching and ARPANET. ARPANET is the technical core of what became the internet. With even more advances Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and the US became connected to one another. And today we have the World Wide Web.

Our government, our military, our school systems, commerce, health care, religion, you name it, OUR everything is connected to the World Wide Web. I wonder if any of those great engineers and mathematicians who collaborated for years could foresee completely the state of the internet as it is today.

Could they have imagined a group of loosely associated international network activist and hacktivist who can and have taken down various websites? Anonymous or Anons as they are known have participated in protest, pranks and hacks. They believe information on the internet should not be censored or controlled. They will take a stand against those they feel are being immoral, lying, bullying others or hiding information from the masses. They have at times leaked personal information of thousands of people.  Anonymous is an internet gathering, of basically like-minded people, who are trying to bring attention to the “causes” of our day. They can, do this within the parameters of the law, or outside of the law. Their actions alone could cause someone to question the safety of information on the internet.

Many years ago as our government looked to get involve with the developing technology of computer systems they questioned the safety, security and privacy of such a system. Maybe not for the same reasons that we question the safety of information on the internet today, but non the less, they had reason to pause. And We should pause today. Think longer about what you are writing, sharing or posting on the World Wide Web as there is no real privacy there.

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Social Media Breaches Jour 117

Gotta tell ya, this assignment scared me. That’s why I choose to Annoy someone close to me. A girl I have known for a long time. We were not friends on Facebook until recently. So I was really overstepping my Social Boundaries when I started terrorising her on FB. After I liked several of her posts, I added comments to pics of friends. Then I went right in on HER wall. I poured out my love, added old pictures and poured out more love, announced that I wanted to meet all of her friends.

AND How do you think she took to all of this attention and affection??  At first it was ok, she even liked some of my activity. Then as things got more intense,  She would laugh and tell me to “stop” but of course I didn’t. I continued with all my affection. So she started deleting all of my post, messages and comments. At this point she was now saying “STOP!!” I am going to unfriend you!

Have I gone Too Far?? In Social Media as in all other aspects of life, there are boundaries. Most people follow these unwritten rules. Those who choice not to are called STOCKERS! And Can And Do go to jail. It is better if we can self monitor our behavior on social media sites and in our day-to-day lives.

1a - Copy 1b 1c 1d 1h1f

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Live Tweet For Jour117

I started the day with a little teaser. “Morning Kiddos….. To hopefully reach some of my classmates and let them know I would be liv3e tweeting today. Candice was awake and listening. She enjoyed the photos of the books I posted from the Auction I was going to attend. In her first reply, she called them “Lovely” and she was right, and there was a variety of them. In a little while 5Shenna chimed in with Candice about the books. They made a reference to Belle, from “Beauty and the Beast”. I Believe they Shared a Moment!

At that point I had to take a break before the Auction and my Live Tweet continued. Once things got rolling again, they moved along quickly. The crowd of people gathered around for the “box lots” to go. If you have ever been to an auction you know they don’t waste any time. It can even be hard to keep up. I was tweeting from my phone, dang hashtags. I messed those up a couple of times. I reached out to some (5) of my classmates (using their twitter names) asking if “Anybody need a new ride”. I included a photo of the old black buick that later sold for $7,000. From there I WP_20150829_007went on to comment on how fast one of the Auctioneers was talking.wp_ss_20150829_0017

I did a few more tweets about the price of a sofa and loveseat. Then the bookcase I was interested in went for way too much money and I was out. I was getting some likes as I tweeted, even though I  messed up my hashtags a couple of times! Thanks for your love and support! Overall it was a good experience. Maybe you kids can show me an even better way to do this.

Gotta pay attention now


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Affordance – Politician or Celebrity

Let’s look at the lives of two people in the public’s eye in one of our largest Metropolitan Cities. How do either of them use Social Media to advance their personal causes or beliefs. Just a few hours to the East is Washington DC, home of Mayor Muriel Bowser and Washington Nationals baseball player Bryce Harper. Both of them have Facebook and Twitter accounts, both of them post/tweet/comment on these and other platforms.

The similarities and differences are basic, they share what is important to them! What will give you an insight into their causes, goals, family life, events, and personal connections or not.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s official facebook page and official twitter account show her to be truely conserned with the lives of everyone in DC. She promotes Responsibility, accountability, and a desire to improve the city and lives of all citizens. She has original messages and also shares what others have made available on topics that concern her. She seems most interested in the youth of the city;  their housing needs, how they get to school, if they are eating, overall health and safety. She demonstrates concerns for other DC issues as well.
One of her twitter feeds had this graphic attached.

Embedded image permalink

Also on her twitter account she has incorporated You tube videos of press conferences and other events.   Aug 12   Police Body Worn Cameras increase accountability and enhance public safety. See where I stand here > .
Yet another of her tweets about the youth of DC and their housing concerns looks like this.

twitter screenshot1

Muriel’s Facebook post have similarly themed messages. The platform there leans itself to more text and photos. She does not however give a lot of person information to her followers on either of these media sights. I believe her main concern is to keep her political focus known to anyone who wants to listen. She is also showing us her goals, accomplishments and expectations for the City of DC as a whole. Her social media presence is about how she and her staff, team, and followers are improving the lives of others.

Washington Nationals baseball player Bryce Harper is out to improve our lives in a different way. He is set on giving us a great ball game to watch. A chance to forget about our daily cares. As the Nat’s right fielder and rookie of the year in 2012, Bryce has quite the celebrity following, around 271,389 on fb alone. ( or  His posts and tweets garnish more likes, comments and shares or re-tweets than that of the Major, Muriel Bowser of the city he plays for.

Bryce has product endorsements, advertisements, publications and events listed on his Facebook and twitter posts. There are even sweepstakes to enter for a chance to win hitting tips from Bryce himself.  To ensure that his fans know where to find out more about this 23 year old rising star the ballpark even gives you his twitter feed address on there scoreboard.

bryce pic1 bryce pic2bryce pic3


The time to go all out is always now.

Embedded image permalink

Here’s Bryce singing a short version of the “old ball game” as found on his fb page.

Other information Bryce shares with his followers includes pictures of family at Christmas. Did he just give her a new SUV?

Instagram and Vine are some of the other avenues he uses to reach the masses. Bryce’s social media presence is stronger, more diverse and much more personal than that of Major Muriel Bowser. He also has a stronger following. The nature of his social presence is lighter, more about having fun. This in itself can make following a Celebrity more exciting than keeping up with a Political figure.  Either way they both are showing the world who they are through personal causes and beliefs, weather paid to do so or not.

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